We have developed a custom solution to promote your business using a solid strategy with video campaigns.

Our Video Campaigns will get you traffic, leads and sales. 

When YNR produces your promotional video, we can push a video campaign to your social media channels resulting in an increase in brand awareness, engagement, followers and traffic to your website. Your video will reach the eyes of a highly targeted audience based off demographics and psychographics.

YNR Video campaigns offer:

  • Engagement with the viewer within 5-10 seconds
  • A one day video shoot resulting in a 1-2 minute marketing video
  • An Instagram :15 spot, a by product from the marketing video
  • Two animated/computer generated videos promoting your marketing video
  • A targeted Facebook user and group video campaign*
  • A promotional budget for ad placement on two social media channels
  • A campaign that fits the duration needed to promote your business
  • Monitoring and reporting of the results


*Access required to social media channels during duration of campaign

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness on social media, it is important to keep the new audience engaged. This means continuing to post video content on a regular basis.

You can expect results! Your videos will generate views of the video ad, clicks to your website, clicks to your Facebook page, clicks and more subscribers to your YouTube page, increased “likes” to your Facebook page and more!


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